Customs Brokers Calgary: Your Trusted Partner for Smooth Trade Operations

The Importance of a Calgary Customs Broker: Simplifying Trade Operations


Highlight the significance of hiring a customs broker for seamless trade operations, focusing on the role of Argo Customs in Calgary. Emphasize the complexities of customs procedures and the benefits of expert assistance.

Section 1: Tailored Brokerage Services

Discuss how Argo Customs customizes their brokerage services to meet clients’ specific needs. Highlight their commitment to providing excellent customer service and their 24-hour support line, ensuring clients receive the necessary support and guidance throughout the customs clearance process.

Section 2: Expertise in Compliance and Regulations

Highlight Argo Customs’ expertise in navigating Canadian customs clearance processes. Discuss their familiarity with government departments and agencies, emphasizing their ability to ensure compliance with local and international regulations. Mention their proficiency in meeting Transport Canada requirements.

Section 3: Cost-Effective Logistics Solutions

Highlight Argo Customs’ focus on finding the most affordable means of freight transportation. Discuss their ability to develop different strategies tailored to clients’ needs, selecting the most cost-effective logistics solutions for efficient trade operations.

Section 4: Specialized Licensing and Services

Highlight Argo Customs’ specialization in commercial and personal importations. Discuss their expertise in handling OGD (Other Government Department) goods, including CFIA, NRCAN, and TC regulated goods. Mention their services such as PARS 24-hour monitoring and providing 72 hours prior notice to CBP (US Customs).


Reiterate the importance of hiring a Calgary customs broker like Argo Customs for smooth and compliant trade operations. Encourage readers to reach out to Argo Customs for more information, assessments, or quotes on specific shipments, emphasizing their expertise, customer service, and commitment to delivering exceptional customs clearance services.

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