What are the pros and cons of virtual care for hospitals

Like any technology, virtual care has its advantages and disadvantages. While many in the industry point to virtual care as a strategy for reducing healthcare costs, raising care accessibility, and even helping to improve patient outcomes, some remain doubtful of the extent to which virtual care delivers on these promises. Other providers may wonder whether […]

Best choice virtual appointment via healthcare solution

Since social distancing is now part of our “new normal,” it’s no surprise that virtual medical appointments have become quite popular. While virtual visits aren’t the answer to every medical problem, you might be surprised to learn that many conditions can be managed effectively from the comfort of your couch. “Virtual visits allow us to address […]

Solutions for Emergency Care with Virtual Walk-in Assessment

The UHN Emergency Departments is now offering virtual visits. What is a virtual visit? During a virtual visit, you do not come to the hospital to meet in-person. Instead, you speak with your care team using a regular phone, smartphone, tablet or computer. Who can have a virtual visit in the Emergency Department? To book a […]

How virtual care can keep safely pregnant patients

For the expectant mother, pregnancy should be a time of excitement and peaceful preparation. In the United States most obstetric practices require a minimum of a dozen (and frequently more) in-person office visits. This taxing demand on soon-to-be new parents can be mitigated through the utilization of telehealth. Can the application of telehealth help women […]