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Effective Animal Control in Newmarket: Wildlife Pro’s Expert Services


Newmarket, a charming town in Ontario with a population of almost 89,000, is no stranger to wildlife encounters. Wild animals often find their way into houses, seeking food and shelter. If you’re tired of dealing with such creatures invading your home, it’s time to consider the services of Wildlife Pro. With years of experience in wildlife removal, we are committed to ensuring the security and peace of mind for Newmarket residents.

Raccoons Removal Services near you!

Raccoons can be more than just pests; they can cause significant damage to your property while searching for food, and their presence can also lead to the spread of infections. At Wildlife Pro, we offer professional raccoon removal and release services, ensuring that these animals are safely relocated to their natural habitats. Additionally, we secure the main entry points through which raccoons enter your home, preventing future intrusions.

Best Newmarket Squirrels Removal Services

While squirrels may seem adorable, they can wreak havoc once they enter your home. Their constant squeaks can be irritating, and they have a tendency to damage wooden furniture. Our experienced team specializes in safely removing squirrels from your home, minimizing further damage to your belongings. Trust Wildlife Pro for the best squirrel removal services in Newmarket.

Possums Removal Services in Newmarket, Ontario

Although possums in Newmarket do not pose a significant health risk to humans, they can become unwelcome guests in your backyard. If you encounter a possum and want it safely removed, reach out to Wildlife Pro. Our experts will escort the possum from your property, ensuring it never finds its way into your home. Rest assured that our possum removal services prioritize both your safety and the well-being of these animals.

Birds and Bird’s Nests Removal Services

If birds have made nests inside your home or backyard, you understand the mess they can create, especially in Newmarket’s homes with beautiful backyards and tall trees. Wildlife Pro offers effective bird and bird’s nest removal services. We handle the situation with care, ensuring the birds and their offspring are unharmed, while providing you with a clean and hygienic living environment.


When it comes to animal control in Newmarket, Wildlife Pro is your reliable partner. With our specialized services, including raccoon removal, squirrel removal, possum removal, bird and nest removal, as well as rat and skunk removal, we ensure the safety of your home and the well-being of the wildlife. Trust Wildlife Pro’s expertise and experience to address any wildlife-related concerns you may have, giving you peace of mind in your Newmarket residence.

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