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As a business owner or facility manager, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is essential for the well-being of employees, customers, and visitors. However, finding the time and resources to handle the cleaning and maintenance of your facility can be challenging, especially when you have a lot on your plate. That’s where professional commercial cleaning services like Arelli Cleaning come in.

Arelli Cleaning is a leading provider of commercial cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA. We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions for all types of facilities, including offices, retail spaces, schools, medical facilities, and more. Our team of expert cleaners is trained to provide consistent and reliable service based on sound industry standards.

At Arelli Cleaning, we understand that no two facilities are the same, which is why we offer customized cleaning schedules that are optimized to meet your specific needs. Our cleaning industry experts will work with you to determine the appropriate frequency and level of cleaning required to ensure a consistently clean and hygienic facility. We take into account factors such as facility size, personnel and equipment traffic, cleaning level detail, and any specific requirements you may have.

Our commercial cleaning services include both standard and specialty services. Our standard services include sweeping, mopping, dusting within 7’ height, garbage takeout, washroom disinfection and sanitization, and surface cleaning. Our specialty services include professional disinfection, strip and wax, carpet cleaning and shampoo, steam cleaning, power washing, window cleaning (interior and exterior up to 7’ high), high dusting (above 7’ height), deep cleaning, post-construction cleanup, and supply procurement (paper towels, soap, toilet paper, garbage bags, etc.).

One of the facility types we specialize in is office cleaning services. We understand how important it is to maintain a clean and organized workplace, which is why we offer routine cleaning packages that meet both your expectations and budget. Our professional office cleaners will establish office cleaning processes that include not only cleaning the common areas of your facility but also detailed board and meeting room cleaning, kitchen disinfection and cleaning, change room cleaning, and other office janitorial services, such as accessible washroom cleaning, window cleaning, floor care, and other office equipment cleaning.

By choosing Arelli Cleaning as your commercial cleaning provider, you can rest assured that your facility will be maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, and we are committed to meeting your specific needs and exceeding your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial cleaning services and how we can help keep your facility spotless and hygienic.

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