Prevention Techniques to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Home

5 Signs That You Have a Squirrel Infestation in Your Home

Intro: Squirrels are adorable creatures to watch in nature, but they can cause havoc when they get inside your home. Squirrels can cause damage to your property and create a health hazard for you and your family. Here are 5 signs that you have a squirrel infestation in your home.

Strange Noises: If you hear strange scratching or scurrying noises coming from your attic or walls, it may be a sign of a squirrel infestation.

Damaged Property: Squirrels can cause damage to your property by chewing through wires, insulation, and even walls. Look for signs of chewed wires, holes in the walls, and shredded insulation.

Foul Odors: Squirrels can leave behind feces and urine, which can create a foul odor in your home. If you notice a strong smell of urine or feces, it may be a sign of a squirrel infestation.

Nests: Squirrels build nests in attics, chimneys, and other hidden areas of your home. Look for signs of nests, such as piles of leaves or twigs.

Squirrel Sightings: If you see squirrels in and around your home, it’s a clear sign that you have a squirrel infestation. Squirrels are cute to watch, but they can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked.

Conclusion: If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to call a professional squirrel removal Toronto service like Wildlife Pro. We can safely and humanely remove squirrels from your home and prevent them from coming back. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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