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Trampolines in Canada: A Brief History and Guide to Choosing the Best One for You

Trampolines Canada are often associated with childhood memories, but they’re much more than just a fun outdoor activity. Trampoline jumping is an Olympic discipline that requires a lot of skill, body control, and technique. It’s not only a sport but also a basic training device for sports with acrobatic elements like diving and gymnastics.

Trampolines were first used in circuses but quickly found their way into synchronised gymnastics. After being included in the Olympic Games in 2000, the activity quickly gained popularity. Today, athletes of all ages and skill levels use trampolines to improve their performance in other sports.

There are two common sizes for rectangular trampolines used in institutional settings. The frames are about three feet longer and wider than the beds to make room for frame tubing and springs. It’s crucial to make sure the springs are completely covered by frame pads held up by pad lifters and that only one athlete jumps on the bed at a time.

When it’s time to replace trampoline springs, it’s best to buy new ones instead of used ones. The Rebound Canada trampoline product sales reps can answer any questions and help you understand how trampoline springs affect how the trampoline works. Make sure to invest in high-quality springs to ensure safe and enjoyable jumping experience.

In conclusion, trampolines are not just for fun, but also a great way to improve physical fitness, body control, and technique. With the right equipment and proper usage, they offer a safe and exhilarating way to stay active and healthy.

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