Secure and reliable Data Centre solutions in Toronto

The Nuday team has a vast background in IT infrastructure, civil engineering, connectivity and hospitality. All of their collective experience is the reason Nuday is able to offer the best-managed services, colocation and cloud solutions as a premier data center in Toronto.

Data Center Security

Nuday Networks’ team knows how important security is in data center Toronto. To provide unparalleled and uninterrupted cloud-based internet services, it is imperative that the data center is fully secured. This means that your data is always safe, too.
Nuday colocation security has some important components to make the goal of safeguarding client data with zero downtime possible. For example, access control restricts unauthorized personnel in sensitive areas. Nuday monitors their colocation data center 24/7 using smart card technology to ensure controlled access to areas of the facility.
The use of video surveillance further imposes physical security. Nuday has installed a modern double interlock preaction system to automatically detect smoke and fire, as well as triggering an emergency response.

Prime Location

Nuday has an optimal physical location. Based north of Toronto in the city of Markham, the colocation facility has a low risk of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. It is also safe from potential civil disorder and terrorist activities that are more likely to occur in downtown Toronto.
This Toronto colocation facility has an extensive fiber-optic network with proximity to US networks, so that there is low network latency. Toronto is the fourth highest populated city in North America with easy access to all major providers like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Amazon.


The power consumption of a data center plays a crucial role in its operations. Nuday Networks is the first Canadian colocation data center to leverage Toronto’s cold climate to its advantage by implementing fresh air cooling technology. This cooling source is environmentally responsible, and it decreases the data center’s power usage. This results in cost effective colocation plans and prices.
Nuday has implemented modular UPS systems that allow uninterruptible power flow to customer equipment and servers, even during maintenance activities.


Nuday Networks has connections to the top 4 Canadian fiber optic providers (Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, Zayo and Hydro One) to ensure fast, flexible connectivity and data synchronization between the main Internet providers and the data center in Toronto.
Nuday also offers first-class business connectivity and continuity with bundled services to ensure that businesses operate continuously, even after a major interruption or disaster.
Clients also have the option to choose a variety of IP bandwidth options with competitive rates. Select the plan to best suit your needs to enjoy reliable Internet services.

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Source: Nuday Networks

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