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The trampoline springs are a critical component, so it’s important to know when they should be replaced for maximum safety and performance. If you’re a gym owner, look into how much the trampolines in your gym are used as well as how often larger and higher bouncing athletes are stressing your springs.

All springs eventually break due to wire fatigue unless the users do not stretch them far enough to create fatigue cycles. If this is happening in less than 3 years, you purchased the wrong brand. Once spring breakage is getting common you can extend their useful life somewhat by rotating springs from high to lower wear areas. However, most likely all of your springs are old and have fatigue cracks going partly through the wire. If so it is best to get a new set. Failing to replace trampoline springs could lead to injuries and legal consequences.

Make sure you have frame pads which cover the springs completely and are held up by pad lifters. One athlete on the bed at a time. Encourage particularly the larger and more powerful athletes to stop before they land near the edges. Buy good springs.

Trampolines are no longer a new trend. They’re now enjoyed all around the globe and have even become a competitive sporting event in the Olympics.

A trampoline is a fantastic way to improve the air awareness of all aerial athletes. It’s no wonder that trampolines have made their way into gymnastics gyms, swimming pools and facilities for training skiers.  The most critical part of a trampoline for performance is the bed. Right after that comes the springs. Gym owners should be knowledgeable about springs to choose the right equipment for their trampoline & gymnastic facilities.

When it’s time to replace the trampoline springs on your trampoline, you’ll need the hook-to-hook measurement of your previous spring to help you buy new springs. We highly recommend choosing new springs instead of used springs. If you have questions or want a better understanding of how trampoline springs impact the performance of a trampoline, schedule a call with Rebound’s product sales representatives.

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