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Here at Arelli, we’re changing the commercial cleaning game with no term contracts, stop-and-go service, and fully customized cleaning packages. We can save you time, money, and headache through cleaning that is truly dependable and customer support that actually supports you 24/7. Just ask us how.

Office spaces contain numerous high-touch surfaces like door knobs, chairs, light switches, keyboards and computer mice, coffee makers, microwaves, faucet handles, toilet flush handles — these surfaces, as well as various other high-touch surfaces, accumulate a lot of germs! That’s why these surfaces have to be cleaned regularly, and it makes sense to offload this duty onto professionals that can handle everything for you during off-work hours. By allowing trained crew members to scour every inch of your office, you keep your workspace in pristine condition without getting in the way of your team’s productivity.

An office space that is clean and sparkling the next morning also provides a fresh start for employees to gear up for a comfortable and productive work day, unhindered by debris, mess, or possibly harmful germs. Like clothing, every visual component of a business, including its workspace, is a reflection of how it conducts itself professionally. Using a professional commercial cleaning company to keep your office clean allows you to put your best foot forward for your staff and for any clients that may come through the door.

Hiring trained professionals like Arelli Cleaning for your office cleaning needs helps ensure that you can effortlessly meet the high cleanliness standard expected of your space. Working with us is quick, easy, and provides exceptional results with every clean. It takes just a few minutes to book your free no-strings-attached sample clean and discover the Arelli difference for yourself! We are also prepared to help you face the daunting task of operating your business during COVID-19 with specialized disinfection and sanitation services catered to the specific office cleaning needs of your unique space.

Our highly-trained crew members have knowledge specific to office environments, which ensures the clean you get consistently exceeds your expectations. Our commercial cleaning crews are experienced, vetted, background checked and have expert support at the tip of their hands. Our senior staff always accompany the crews on the first day of work and provide customized training and ensure the cleaners understand the scope of work that needs to be performed for each individual facility.

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