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Bi-fold closet doors, commonly known as folding doors or accordion doors, have hinged panels that fold open and close like an accordion.

Bi-fold doors, commonly known as folding doors or accordion doors, have hinged panels that fold open and close like an accordion. Interior folding doors, which are commonly constructed of two panels are commonly used in closet door applications. Exterior bi-fold doors can be made up of a huge number of big, floor-to-ceiling glass panes and create massive openings up to 55 feet long when fully opened.

Bi-fold doors are an excellent way to capture breathtaking views and expansive vistas while also maintaining a connection to the natural world. Although similar to other panoramic doors, bi-fold doors possess distinguishing characteristics and benefits. The panels stack flat against an opening’s edge, taking up less room than large-paneled sliding doors. A bi-fold door panel can also be outfitted with a traffic door, which is an excellent choice for high-traffic entryways. A traffic door is a standard swinging door that is installed in one of the panels, allowing simple access in and out without having to open the bigger panel.

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  • The Ultimate Bi-Fold Door is designed with the intention of having contemporary hardware own a sleek and simple aesthetic.
  • High-performance sills are available, along with a low-profile one that are both made with a flush universal design for accessibility.
  • Available with IZ3 coastal/hurricane certification, choose from 81 operating configurations available in heights up to 10 feet or widths up to 55 feet.
  • Individual panel sizes are available up to 3.5 feet wide by 9.5 feet high.
  • Choose from an optional single swinging door panel for convenient everyday use and the 29.5-foot retractable screen, which is nearly invisible when not in use.
  • Contemporary or traditional hardware styles are available for seamless design flexibility, and an integrated multi-point hardware system can be found at folding panels for a smooth and effortless operation.

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