Professional competition trampoline “Ultimate

Rebound Products is a Eurotramp dealer. We can get any equipment they sell. This includes their new narrow webbed beds and new ultimate line trampoline and DMT frames.

The ultimate trampoline frame was a joint design project between Eurotramp and Rebound Products. This frame is a huge step forward incorporating many of the design features that we pioneered with the Steadfast 1 frame such as widely placed floor protectors, stiffer legs for low flex and triangulated dual leg bracing in the corners. Combined with Eurotramp’s quality steel, manufacturing standards and slick leg brace ball joint attachments, we get a light strong frame that is quick to set up and creates an very stable platform.

Trampolining is an old physical practice that was traditionally used to enhance strength and fitness. It consists of jumping from one spring-loaded platform to another. This is done for both entertainment and training purposes. It has existed since at least the second century BCE and is still popular to this day.

Buy Olympic Trampoline is often utilised for recreational purposes, including parties, picnics, barbecues, and team-building activities. Trampolining is one of the most versatile exercises that can be performed indoors, outdoors, and even in a backyard.

Rebound Products is a licensed dealer of trampolines and trampoline equipment. We manufacture and distribute trampoline frames, springs, accessories, beds, and mats.

We love talking to customers about trampolines too. Give us a call or take a cruise around the website to get a sense of why we are so passionate about trampolines. Let’s have a conversation to see which of the many selections would be the perfect one for you.

Trampolines provide excitement and amusement for both children and adults. Children enjoy jumping on them because of their amazing bounce and height. Adults appreciate the challenge of acquiring the techniques required to safely jump higher. The trampoline provides a safe space for people to have fun and let go.

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