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Buy gymnastics trampoline is the newest of gymnastics’ three Olympic disciplines of Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, and Parkour. It was added to the Olympic program at Sydney 2000. You may be interested to know that, for the 2024 Games, the FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique) has proposed the inclusion of Synchronized Trampoline as well.

As a gym owner, it may be up to you to buy Olympic style trampoline equipment for the gymnasts at your club. While a well-made unit allows the team to safely exercise and train, are you aware of what to look for?

Rebound Products’ products are used by coaches and competitors at the highest levels of international competition. Rebound Products exclusively uses Canadian suppliers, except for folding trampolines from Germany.

We always focus on producing safe, durable equipment to do our part to help clubs with capital expenses. Our commitment to excellence can be seen in all of the equipment and accessories sold.

In competition, the tricks can include anything from simple jumps in the straight, pike, tuck, or straddle position to more complex combinations of forward and/or backward somersaults and twists. Scoring is based on the difficulty and on the total seconds spent in the air. Points are deducted for bad form and horizontal displacement from the center of the bed. This is why the markings on an Olympic style trampoline are so important.

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