Effective Bed Bug Treatment Options by Thermokill

Our bed bug company discreetly reaches your doorstep. You may not be sure that you have bed bugs. Regardless, it may be preferred to keep this information private. During the inspection, every corner of the house is checked. We know all the places in which bed bugs love to hide– damp, and dark conditions are the perfect places for them to lay their eggs and reproduce. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to this, ensuring that every bed bug is found and killed.

A large bed sits next to a double door leading out to a small balcony overlooking a sandy seascape. The wall is a blue gray color, and the doors and windows are white. The curtains are see through with fringe orange and blue patterning. On the ceiling is an interesting chandelier of white overlapping cups, creating a flower effect. On the wall above the bed hangs two photos of back, black bicycle tires, blue tire guards, and red, oval reflectors. Below, on the bed, sits two long white pillows, two pillows matching the drapery, and three pillows matching the white, light blue, and tan bed spread. On the four leaf clover, sandy white end tables sits a yellow lamp with a twist in its neck and a white lamp shade. Three books of various sizes and colors are on the end table in shot. The floor is a brown carpet.

For starters, bed bugs are tiny, oval, brownish insects that prey on the blood of humans and animals for survival. Despite their name, bed bugs can live all over the place. Although they cannot fly, they can quickly move from your trip to a hotel room, a visit to a storage locker, a moving pod used by a prior customer, a rental car, and many other spaces.

Many pest control specialists use a wide arsenal of insecticides and other chemicals that can kill over 90% of bed bugs on contact. However, the chemicals stay inside cracks and furniture and can sometimes cause problems for kids or pets in the future.

At Thermokill, a better bed bug treatment involves killing bed bugs with high temperatures. In this process, exterminators make use of whole-room heat treatments using special devices to heat a room or space at temperatures ranging between 135 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit – which is the ideal temperature range to eliminate bed bugs.

Depending on the company you’re working with, you will be given various instructions on how to prepare your home or vehicle before the actual bed bug removal treatment. Simply follow the directions clearly and, in a few sessions, the bed bugs will be eradicated.
One benefit of heat treatments is that you can use your space right away, unlike the situation that is created by using chemical treatments, as no insecticides or other toxic substances will have been used.

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