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Trampolines have always been a source of fun for many of us, something to bounce on whenever our friends come over and pose while in the air. However, as we grow older, we find that it’s much more than that. Trampolines are used in gyms and even at the Olympics (and this is the reason for the term, Olympic trampolines). Does Rebound produce Competition Trampolines? Yes, all the 7 x 14 trampolines we sell comply to International Competition standards and Rebound supplied the trampolines to two World Championships and numerous other competitions. Does Rebound produce an Olympic Trampoline? No, the cost of successfully bidding to supply our brilliant equipment to the Olympics is beyond the reach of a company of our size, so we have not yet done that.

Many believe that regardless of where they are used, trampolines are trampolines. They are designed to help you bounce up and down. However, there are different sizes, shapes and types of trampolines for different purposes. There are also many different trampoline accessories.

If you would like to learn more about which one suits your needs, or are merely looking to buy Olympic trampoline for your backyard (or gym), let us know! We can help you choose the right trampoline accessories and beds to meet your needs.

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