Install Netting and screening meshes on the balcony by our wildlife specialist

Wildlife Pro is specialized in bird control, bird netting for balconies in buildings & commercial properties.

Exclusion: Our wildlife specialist will install Netting and screening meshes on the balcony bird netting and secure the vents and chimney caps if necessary.
Clean up and disposal: We handle the cleaning of bird droppings, as they can harbor numerous diseases.

Birds that like to invade private property to nest in relative warmth and comfort are those in the pigeon, house sparrow, woodpecker, blackbird, and European starling families. Typical entry and nesting areas include chimneys, vents, fans, and other holes in the house or building’s exterior.

While the appearance of birds is usually a good sign of a healthy natural environment, infestations are to be avoided. Large groups of birds can do damage to properties and can also transmit disease to humans and animals. Pigeon droppings, in particular, often contain fungal disease that can be particularly dangerous to people with compromised immune systems.

An infestation will be identified by an increased presence of adult birds, the sighting of nests, frequent sounds of chirping and scratching, and a larger than usual collection of droppings in a small area. When an infestation occurs, these birds are then referred to as pest birds. Many species have been known to be aggressive toward other birds, humans, and pets.

Pest birds are noisy and their droppings can do great damage to buildings and equipment of all kinds. Note that the excrement is sticky, which can potentially erode structures. Other dangers include fire hazards and draining issues caused by nesting in small areas.

There are various physical devices and scare tactics available to protect properties from bird infestations. It is always recommended that a professional be consulted to ensure that the methods of removal and protection meet local regulatory standards. Above all, the safety of humans, pets, and property is of utmost concern.

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Source: Wildlife Pro

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