Switch between a furnace and a heat pump by dual fuel heat pump package

The ability of a dual fuel heat pump Canada to switch between a furnace and a heat pump is what saves energy, time, and money. Heating systems aren’t necessary during warm weather because they produce no heat; however, heating systems must work hard when there is extreme cold outside. Dual Fuel systems let furnaces do the heavy lifting during cold weather by using natural gas instead of electricity for heating.

It doesn’t mean that the heat pump isn’t working hard enough; rather, it simply means that the heat pump isn’t wasting any extra energy by doing something else than what a conventional heating system would be able to accomplish. A heat pump can keep your house warmer during cold weather by using electricity instead of natural gas. It can even use both forms of heating at once for maximum efficiency. And a dual fuel system allows it to switch between them as required.

Choose BKR Energy as your preferred reseller and prepare for an energy-conscious future. By taking advantage of innovation, you can join thousands who have already positioned themselves on the leading edge of technology. With our cloud-based smart dual fuel controller, convenience plus energy savings plus homeowner incentives equals a win-win proposition for your business and the future of the low-emission environment.

A heat pump transfers warm air from inside your house into an outdoor unit where it gets cooled down before circulating back through your ducts to cool your entire house. The heat pump does most of the work in the fall and spring by providing cost-efficient heat during milder temperatures. Dual fuel heat pumps are best for places that experience all four seasons and varying temperatures, just like all Ontarians.

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