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All trampoline springs are made of steel. This is coated to prevent rust by a variety of methods. The most common being use of pre-galvanized standard spring wire or Zinc plating.

Top quality Springs are also made from specialized music wire. Not many companies’ manufacturer springs with music wire. Music wire is very strong and durable. It allows a spring of similar weight to last a long time. Galvanized steel springs use cheaper wire so springs lose tension quicker, requiring frequent replacement or a soggy irregular bounce.

Competition Trampoline springs are stretched to about 15 inches before anyone steps on the bed providing about 39lbs of tension. They should be able to withstand an additional stretch of at least an additional 15 inches without any tension loss.

The trampoline springs are a critical component, so it’s important to know when they should be replaced for maximum safety and performance. If you’re a gym owner, look into how much the trampolines in your gym are used as well as how often larger and higher bouncing athletes are stressing your springs.

Two good indicators that some of your springs need replacing are; 1) the bed is getting very soft (might be bed stretch) and 2) the lines on the trampoline bed curve. If the bed has a curve and the frame is straight, try to locate the pocket of worn springs. Replace them or distribute them evenly around the frame so the bed curve is gone. Otherwise the trampoline will not throw straight up!

All springs eventually break due to wire fatigue unless the users do not stretch them far enough to create fatigue cycles. If this is happening in less than 3 years, you purchased the wrong brand. Once spring breakage is getting common you can extend their useful life somewhat by rotating springs from high to lower wear areas. However, most likely all of your springs are old and have fatigue cracks going partly through the wire. If so it is best to get a new set. Failing to replace trampoline springs could lead to injuries and legal consequences.

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