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Living in Ontario brings many challenges, and the biggest one could very well be dealing with four seasons and the weather conditions that they bring. Fluctuating temperatures and the cost of energy is consistently on the minds of most homeowners. Purchasing and maintaining the best HVAC systems for our living situations can weigh heavily on the average homeowner.

Dual Fuel Heat Pump Canada

To add to that, technology is changing the HVAC landscape overall. Where we once had only to consider the use of a furnace and/or window air conditioning unit to manage our comfort levels, the industry has grown and changed by leaps and bounds to address all situations and environments. The latest solution to address the comfort and expense conundrum is the dual fuel heat pump Canada.

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In the simplest of terms, a dual fuel system is a combination HVAC system utilizing both a heat pump and a furnace. In general, the primitive/basic system uses a heat pump in hot or mild temperatures (about 3°C/37°F and higher) and the furnace in colder temperatures (about 2°C/35°F and below). It automatically switches between the two, depending on which is the most efficient for the home environment. This saves energy cost and, more importantly, carbon emissions in bringing your home to the desired temperature. These systems work well all year round, conditioning the air and choosing optimal times and methods to do so. This is a long-range plan, as a well maintained dual fuel system typically has a life expectancy of between 20 and 25 years.

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