The Best Healthcare Application for hospitals

Current state of the mHealth market

Healthcare mobile apps are extremely popular right now, and they offer lots of opportunities. Today Microsoft teams healthcare app development is in high demand. The numbers for the mobile healthcare apps market are truly impressive:

  1. In 2016, the App Store offered over 250,000 health-related applications, most of which were fitness apps and startups.
  2. Grand View Research projects that the mHealth market will show an incredible 44.2% compound annual growth and reach more than $110 billion by 2025.

While these numbers may seem very attractive, there are also some problems with health-related applications.

First, the medical app development market is crowded, and the supply is way bigger than the demand. In such a competitive environment it’s getting harder to build hospital apps that gain downloads, and only 14% of all mHealth app publishers have actually attracted a significant audience.

However, people still continue to download mHealth applications, and the next increase in demand will likely come from recommendations by healthcare companies. Hospitals will become key to this process, developing their own apps and motivating employees and patients to download them.

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Examples of mhealth apps

If you want to develop medical app take a look at mobile healthcare industry giants. Here are top grossing medical apps in the Apple Store and Google Play:

  • Human Anatomy Atlas 2019: Complete 3D Human Body – guide to a human body.
  • EMT: Pocket Prep – practise test app.
  • Davis’ Drug Guide for Nurses – a drug guide for medication administration.
  • Tarascon Pharmacopoeia – a drug platform.

You can get some healthcare app ideas from the following list of medical apps that bring in the highest revenues on iOS and Android:


  • Epocrates – a medical reference app.
  • Lexicomp – an app that provides information about medicine, products, interactions, etc.
  • Instant ECG: Mastery of EKG – an electrocardiogram guide for healthcare professionals.
  • Hear My Baby Heartbeat App – app for listening and recording baby’s sounds


  • mySugr – a blood sugar tracker.
  • Monash Uni Low FODMAP Diet – assists in management of gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Diabetes:M – monitors diabetes.

Problems and opportunities of mhealth development

While competition in the overall healthcare medical app market is intense, there are still plenty of opportunities in mHealth apps for hospitals, as not every hospital offers an app to patients; 44% of the biggest US hospitals don’t have an application yet.

But according to an Accenture report, demand for hospital apps is already there: 54% of patients would love to use mobile apps to interact with hospitals but only 2% of patients frequently use such apps.

Why is that?

The main reason is that custom hospital apps don’t live up to the expectations of either patients or doctors – they lack necessary functionality.

The second reason is poor user experience. Most hospital apps aren’t high quality and don’t give users what they need most. Actually, both doctors and patients prefer to use applications made by third-party app publishers rather than hospitals because they better reflect their actual needs.

On the other hand, ready solutions are often a lesser of two evils, because a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works for hospitals. Each one has its own rules, scale, level of technical ability and internal processes that need their own custom solution. The idea to develop a custom mobile app will pay off because it will fit the needs exactly as it should.


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